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Pablo Solvey, MD-Argentina Faculty

Pablo Solvey, MD-Argentina

Pablo Solvey, MD, completed his basic EMDR training in 1993. Together with his wife, Raquel, they introduced EMDR in Argentina and in Latin America. Both are in private practice - specializing in adult trauma and anxiety disorders.  As a hypnotherapist, he is the former training analyst of the IPA (International Psychoanalytic Assoc). Has presented papers about psychotherapy and EMDR at several international conferences. Coauthor of the first book written in Spanish, TRAUMA y EMDR, and coauthor of a two volume book, Terapias de Avanzada. Fluent in Spanish, English and French. Cofounder and current president of EMDRIA LATINOAMERICA, a non profit organization in Buenos Aires, Argentina, that brings together EMDR practitioners from all Latin America.